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Most of these tunes are works in progress, but I plan on making a full demo or two here soon. I have enough songs written for two albums, but I’d rather not rush things. I’d want to perform and market any album I make, so getting there (the people, skill, and money) will take time. This challenge to play at least once a week is a first step. Thanks for listening – more songs to come!



by Cecil’s Refrain
My most recent project. Not funny like Pancakes, but a damn pretty song if I may say so myself 😉


Pancakes!! (explicit)

by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote the chorus to this song after exactly two and half hours of sleep, the morning after I graduated with my MBA. It’s based on a true story (with a few artistic liberties taken, of course). I’ve just finished it two days later after being struck in the face by the muse this evening (it all just gushed out). I recorded and posted it because I can’t get this song out of my head and figured I’d share that with the rest of you. Let me know what you think… and seriously, go bake some pancakes!

Pancakes!! Lyrics
This song contains the f-word twice. Just saying.


Into Open Arms

by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote this song for the USAA Garageband – All Roads Lead Home – Songwriting Competition. It came together really quickly (unusual for me) and I really have had a blast playing it and recording it over the last few weeks. If it makes it to the playoffs, I’ll be e-blasting everyone in February to go vote for it at USAA. Crossing my fingers!


Man in Black

by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote this for a friend when Johnny Cash died and the lyrics haven’t changed at all, but the melodies and chords have really changed recently, so I figured it was time to record it again. Enjoy!



by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote this song, sitting in a “p-way” (hallway) of the Naval Academy. First played it with my friend Matt Brunoehler, a singer/guitarist who was very inspiring and instrumental in my writing and playing.



by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote this song while living in Pensacola, FL, back in 2004/5. Trying to express my misgivings that the concept of a traditional “heaven” would be boring. It actually was a finalist in the “Jazz” category for Session 1 of the 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.



by Cecil’s Refrain
I wrote this back in 2002 or so. It hasn’t changed much, though the chorus chords have evolved a bit. Kind of a cute little jazz song.