Wildfires and Bag o’ Cats

I had an incredible spring break.

I drove down to Las Vegas and met up with Noah Buxton, his girlfriend Hailey, and a film producer/MBA friend of mine, Roland. After a few days of debauchery, I followed Noah and Hailey to San Diego where they’re going to law school (USD).

Relaxation, warm weather, and an awesome nightlife/music scene – I want to move to San Diego.

But it had to end, and yesterday I decided it was time to come home. Only I got started late, which meant that by the time I got to Independence (just south of Bishop on 395) I had to stop because a wildfire had blown across the road. Of course, just north of Bishop (not 30 miles away), travel was limited due to snow. I love Sierra weather.

I slept in my car Independence. Every couple hours I’d wake up and have to turn the heat on. When I couldn’t sleep I began working on a song about the irony of it all. Stuck in Independence. Due to be released in July 2011 (hold me to it).

I finally got back to Reno today, exhausted, but full of new music that Noah had given me: The XX, Passion Pit, and Citizen Cope. When Devin Connell texted me earlier this evening to come play, I didn’t think I had the energy. But when Devin called back to say that his friend was playing too and that Todd would get me on if I arrived within a half-hour I couldn’t, out of good conscience, deny a friend/fan asking me to play – what kind of performer would I be?

So I threw my guitar in the car and bolted over to Walden’s Coffeehouse. I walked in to the sound of harmony.

“That’s a welcome surprise,” I thought.

I snuck to the back of the house and caught sight of the band – a three member group with a doe-eyed blonde in the middle singing the harmony parts. Just then my friend Devin walked up.

“These guys are good,” I said.

“Yeah, this is my friend’s band,” he said.

“Oh, so I probably shouldn’t poach the girl for my band then?” I laughed.

The band was Bag o’ Cats, and when later that evening I told Cat (the pretty blonde) the story, I had to clarify that when I said poach, it wasn’t in the hunting rare big game sense. She liked that.

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